• The TAP block is a fascial plane block in which local anesthetic is deposited in the fascial plane deep to the internal oblique (IOM) and superficial to the transversus abdominis (TAM) muscle providing somatic coverage of the abdominal wall and the parietal peritoneum.
    • The TAP block does not provide visceral abdominal coverage.

Subcostal TAP

The subcostal block is performed for surgeries involving the upper abdomen and provides somatic-only coverage for the T7-T12 dermatomes. The T12 segments is often spared because of the caudal location of this ventral rami nerve as it transverses the abdomen. The L1 dermatome is also spared due to the early exit from the transversus abdominal plane at a posterior location. This block should be placed as medially as possible once the TAP plane is recognized on ultrasound under the lateral border of the rectus abdominis  muscle.

  • No visceral pain coverage is offered with this block.