The Future of Neuraxiom

I’ve always wanted to make a constructive difference in the world, I suppose we all do. Some small piece of good work that might survive me.

The closest I’ve come (aside from having a couple great kids) was following an interest in applying ultrasound to nerve blocks and then spreading the word. It allowed me to learn, to grow, and, best of all, come into contact with so many dedicated and talented practitioners all over the world. The rub was that it all started a little late in my career and so about the time I was getting good at it, my health forced me to retire.

At the point when was at last stable and I’d self-published a companion book, I needed to stop working, Because I was no longer involved with the practical, clinical end of ultrasound guided nerve blocks every day, it wasn’t appropriate to add anything more to the conversation.

Luckily, as I stopped getting up at all hours to work, I was contacted by the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia, a school of nurse anesthesia, creating a fellowship in regional anesthesia. They were familiar with my website and asked me to provide illustrations for their ultrasound block modules.

The collaboration went well, and I confided that I worried I’d have to let die a slow death from neglect as I had nothing to add to it. I told them I felt MTSA was in a perfect position to carry forward the work started in Neuraxiom; to be an accessible and practical resource to help providers learn ultrasound for regional nerve blocks. MTSA could expand the project, make it more complete and useful. was well known and attended and it’d be a shame to abandon its potential.

I guess it worked because after a little more discussion we agreed that MTSA would take over and the companion book and make them their own. They kindly invited me to add continuity by creating and updating some illustrations for some of the block chapters.

I’m delighted with this outcome. Given MTSA’s integrity and mission, it’s the best I could have hoped for, and even though I’m no longer the guiding force behind, I’m convinced the principles that created and guided the site will be well represented by MTSA, that of helping providers and through them, our patients (among whom I now number myself!).

I’d like to thank everyone who visited Neuraxiom and sent emails and encouraged (or criticized) me over the years for your kindness and advice and understanding as I struggled with the site, and to MTSA for their interest in and commitment to keeping the site alive and doing the good work.




Jack Vander Beek
October 2019