Neuraxiom is pleased to be a vendor/equipment partner with Safersonic — an ultrasound collateral equipment company supplying Transducer Covers, Gel, and more.  We invite you to review their quality products.

Safersonic Gel Free Ultrasound Transducer Covers represent the first innovation in this product category in over thirty years! Safersonic Gel Free Ultrasound Transducer Covers:

  1. Allow for faster room set-up and breakdown since our covers do not require gel under the cover.
  2. Eliminate the potential for damage to the transducer from the cleaning process (Remember a new transducer can cost over $15K).
  3. Enable the clinician to perform the ultrasound scans faster as the elimination of gel under the cover eliminates artifacts or the loss of image from gel migration.
  4. Utilize our proprietary preservative free, sterile Safergel in an easy dispensing tube format as a coupling agent between the cover and the patient
  5. Reduce supply chain costs as our product has more units per box than our competitors.
  6. Offer a 1-foot length, which is ideal for single shots and peripheral vascular access. (Remember neither Tegaderm or going naked is a good option).

For More Information or Samples

David L. Seitelman, (847) 274-1534