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Target Practice

 for the

Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block

Below you will find a series of practice surveys that will help you identify the proper target area. 

I recommend the following steps to locate the target area.

  1. Recognize which side of the image is superior.
  2. Identify the bony edge of the ilium (bright, echo-reflective line)
  3. Look for the layer representing the iliacus muscle overlying the bone.
  4. Notice that the plane of the iliacus muscle turns posteriorly to follow the inner surface of the ilium.
  5. Note the brighter muscle group (internal oblique) on the superior edge of the iliacus.
  6. Note the position of the pelvic cavity as by the appearance of peristaltic motion of bowel.
  7. The target area for the needle tip is in the superficial iliacus muscle on the superior side of the bony ilium.

Recognize as you look at the surveys that the scale and view can change with the probe type and the depth of survey.

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